You’re probably wondering about the significance of the number twelve. Not only is it our name, but it also happens to be the number of our building.  Moving into number twelve was a complete coincidence – deciding on Twelve as a name was a very conscious decision. 

To tell you about the significance of our name, we have to start at the beginning. 

The idea of a completely plant-based, sustainable restaurant was designed by Twelve co-founders, Dalton and Greg. After years working at London’s top restaurants and steak houses, the pair went vegan for their health, our planet and most importantly animal welfare.  It was then that they decided to branch off to open their own restaurant that showcased the true potential of plant-based dining. 

Their new restaurant wouldn’t just encompass the extraordinary power and feel-good benefits of plant-based cooking, it would encompass an ethos, too. A commitment to protecting the planet through conscious sourcing, eating and actions. 

There are numerous reasons for our restaurant name. Twelve is a number that forms a whole, complete and harmonious unit. We also ensure our food is enriched with vitamin B12. But the biggest coincidence of them all is finding our home in Bournemouth at 12,The Triangle, after Dalton and Greg created their dream restaurant brand. 

Twelve opened its doors on the 12th December 2018 at precisely 12pm and we have exciting plans for the following twelve years. 

We’re aiming to minimise waste, with all the materials we use in our restaurant recyclable or reusable. We’re sourcing ingredients locally and organically as much as possible. 

Our story has just begun, but we’re already gaining momentum. Voted the fifth best vegan restaurant in the world. We welcome guests not only from our beautiful coastal area in Dorset, but from all over the world.

When people dine at Twelve, they receive a culinary experience that defines a bigger, global movement – and we can’t wait to share that with you. 


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